Development & Key Stakeholders

Development and contribution process

All core smart contract code of Pilgrim Protocol is open source. Anyone is free to contribute, make suggestions, or submit pull requests.

If you make a suggestion on one of our community channels or make a pull request, a member of the Pilgrim DAO will make best efforts to assist you through the process.

Want to be deeply involved with Pilgrim? Join one of our community channels -- GitHub, Discord, or Forum -- and start making contributions! The Pilgrim DAO will pay top-tier contributors in PIL tokens, and may accept some as a core DAO member.

Who knows shitposting on Twitter or making a pull request on GitHub might land you a super cool job at a cutting-edge DAO? 😘

Key development stakeholders

Pilgrim's development is lead by the Pilgrim DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization governed by xPIL holders. However, there are a few key stakeholders leading development of Pilgrim at launch, and will be deeply involved until Pilgrim Protocol's development and operations is deemed sustainable even with the Pilgrim DAO as the sole entity involved.

Entities involved with Pilgrim Protocol's early-stage development are as follows:

Test in Prod

Test in Prod (TIP) designed and built the initial version of Pilgrim Protocol, and plans to lead development of the protocol until it is deemed sustainable on its own.

Note that TIP does not own, operate, or control Pilgrim Protocol in any way; TIP is only a key contributor to the protocol's codebase, bootstrapping its initial development. Only the Pilgrim DAO has operational control over the protocol itself.

Test in Prod is an organization that builds key building blocks for virtual universes, enabling humans to do things regardless of physical barriers through geographical abstraction. TIP believes the blockchain is the best data structure to build such virtual universes; Pilgrim is TIP's first building block towards that vision, in the sense that it enables arbitrary valuation on the blockchain.

Test in Prod in itself is also a DAO deployed on the Ethereum blockchain; stakeholders of Test in Prod DAO LLC, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization Limited Liability Company incorporated in the U.S. State of Wyoming under the Wyoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization Supplement (W.S. 17-31-101 ~ 17-31-115), currently leads development of Pilgrim Protocol. The smart contracts consisting Test in Prod DAO LLC, powered by Aragon, can be found here.

Test In Prod Operations Limited (TIPO BVI), a company limited by shares incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, holds control over Investor, Builders, and Strategic Reserve portions of the PIL token, which are subject to lockup and vesting requirements as described with the Token Distribution section. TIPO BVI conducted equity and private token sales of the PIL token from angel, individual, and institutional investors, also subject to lockup and vesting requirements as described previously, and holds control over funds raised through the token sale. Additionally, TIPO BVI reserves the right to conduct additional private sales of the PIL token within the Investor token allocation, also subject to the same lockup and vesting requirements.

Nonce Classic

Nonce Classic (NC) is a blockchain project accelerator, incubator and community builder based in Seoul, Korea. NC started as a hard-fork of crypto natives from Nonce, a crypto and startup founders hackerhouse and community also based in Seoul, when they pivoted to also accept non-crypto startup communities back in 2018. NC currently is also helping with community engagement of Celo, Osmosis, Persistence, Near Protocol, and AI Network.

Nonce Classic helps manage most of Pilgrim Protocol's social channels and produces external content, including our Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Forum, and runs social engagement programs on those channels to build stronger community presence within the cryptosphere.

NC also works with the Pilgrim DAO, TIP, and the Crusader DAO to gather feedback from the community and apply them to Pilgrim Protocol's product building process.

The Crusader DAO

The Crusader DAO is a group of community members on the Pilgrim Protocol Discord that helps with community management, external content production, and translations in more than 10 languages.

Nonce Classic and TIP works closely with Crusader DAO members to assist with operations and external communications of the Pilgrim DAO.

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