Protocol Security

Smart contract audits

Pilgrim Protocol's core smart contracts were audited by SOOHO, with plans to request additional audits from more firms as the protocol matures.

Note that the audit report listed here was targeted for an internal development version of Pilgrim core contracts that is slightly different from the version targeted for final release.

Bug reports and bounty policies

While the Pilgrim Protocol team have made all efforts necessary to secure all smart contracts involved, there may be undiscovered vulnerabilities that puts users' funds at risk.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Pilgrim core development team at, with a public PGP encryption key available here if necessary. Bug bounties will be given out in PIL tokens on a per-case basis, depending on severity of the reported vulnerability.

The Pilgrim team is planning to work with DeFi bug bounty platforms, such as Immunefi, to streamline our bounty policies in the near future.

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